DEDICATED NURSE: Joy Goos with director of nursing, Joy Pittman, cutting her 40-year celebrations cake.
DEDICATED NURSE: Joy Goos with director of nursing, Joy Pittman, cutting her 40-year celebrations cake. Contributed

40 years and still going strong

"I HAVE seen a lot of changes in my time,” nurse Joy Goos said.

Joy celebrated 40 years of service to Biloela Hospital last week and was awarded with a certificate and commemorative badge.

Joy has been nursing for 43 years and said times have definitely changed.

"Different uniforms and the way we addressed each other, you would only call each other nurse or sister and now we call each other by our name,” Joy said.

As time has gone on, technology used in hospitals has come ahead in leaps and bounds.

"Equipment and all those sorts of things have also changed dramatically,” Joy said. "In the early days we didn't have electric beds, if you wanted to raise a bed head we used wooden blocks.

"Now we just press a button.”

A significant change that comes to Joy's mind is patient stay.

"The biggest thing I have seen change is the length of stay for patients. Mums used to stay seven to 10 days after having a baby and nowadays they have the baby and go home,” Joy said.

While her uniform has changed and the equipment they use to treat patients has changed, Joy says the patient care is still the same.

"What we do with patients is still the same, we still bath them and feed them if we need to,” she said.

Joy has worked in a number of roles throughout her career, sustains an x-ray licence, works in the sterilising unit.

"Over the years I have worked in the operation theatre and I really enjoy that,” Joy said.

"It is more of a controlled environment and I like being the instrument nurse.”

With more than four decades of work now under her belt, Joy said nursing is something she will always enjoy doing.

"It is something I have always been passionate about and wanted to do from a primary school aged,” Joy said.

Working in regional communities and in a hospital like Biloela has played a big part in her love for what she does.

"I love the work and I love the comments I get,” Joy said.

"I got a comment from a lady on Facebook the other day who is a grown woman and she said she loved coming to the hospital over the years to see me.

"I have seen generations of people, I have looked after them and supported them and it is nice to work with them.”

Joy said her colleagues are one big family now.

"There is one nurse, Allison Ogle, and we have been working together for 40 years,” she said.

Working part-time now while she manages businesses with her husband, Trevor, when she is busy with grandchild duties, Joy said she will continue for a while yet.

"I don't have a firm plan for how long I will continue at this stage but I will keep going the way I am,” Joy said.