WHAT NEXT: Biloela Rugby Union Club men’s side ready to face Blackwater last Saturday.
WHAT NEXT: Biloela Rugby Union Club men’s side ready to face Blackwater last Saturday.

Another Biloela footy club staring down the barrel

DESPITE an influx of new Samoan and Fijian team members, the future of the Biloela Rugby Union Club is in jeopardy.

President Tim Hollingworth has welcomed 16 new players, of either Samoan and Fijiian origin, who are employees at the meatworks.

Although a huge boost for the club, Hollingworth said the club was stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

“The issue I have is our new players aren't getting a lot of work now because of wet weather and people aren't selling a lot of cattle,” Hollingworth said.

“I don’t know how they will be able to cover the costs to play for us and if so I’m up in the air of how many will be able to afford a season.

“If they decide not to play I’m left with four-five guys that are still going to play.”

Hollingworth said the club suffered a clear-out of players at the end of last year and he said one of the primary reasons was concerns over job security.

“Guys that played last year, some have moved, retired and some aren't interested to play because they don't want to get injuries for work or they are shiftworkers,” Hollingworth said.

“The last thing we want to do is fold because then we need to look at our sponsors and they may want their money back.

“That’ll hurt us severely financially and it’s always hard to come back if you’re shut down for a season.”

With folding still a realistic scenarios, Hollingworth has contacted the Classic Wallabies organisation in a bid to revive the interest and attract players to the club.

“I have contacted the logistics manager with the Classic Wallabies.

“He will try to promote our club at a rugby Australia levels.

“He suggested we have a couple of ex-Wallaby players and let them play for a game to get the interest back.

“I have to look at the rules and see if we can do that.”

Hollingworth said the club operated at substantial lost last year as the club had to make registration costs for palyers significantly lower then the club’s cost to source player kits and insurance.

“Insurance alone is $147 and with the kit on top it’s $270 per player,” Hollingworth said.

“We’ve made registration cheap as we can and the club will still lose money.

“With our player registration at $200 we are losing $70 per person and that’s spread over mens, ladies and juniors.”

Hollingworth said the club had a family friendly atmosphere and that he would love for more young men to come and give the game a go.