NOT ON: Biloela Court House.
NOT ON: Biloela Court House. Andrew Thorpe

Just not cricket: Attacking display scores bat-wielder $900 fine.

A 21-YEAR-OLD Biloela man scored a $900 fine in court on Wednesday after pleading guilty to a public nuisance offence stemming from a bizarre neighbourhood stoush late last year.

Police were called to a Bauhinia Street residence about 5pm on November 22 after receiving reports a man had been struck multiple times with a cricket bat by another man who lived in the same street.

The victim did not wish to make an assault complaint, but witnesses said they saw the defendant hit the victim twice with the bat.

When police went to the defendant's address, he showed them the bat and admitted he had used it to hit the victim because the man had started verbally abusing him for no apparent reason as he walked down the street.

Magistrate Mark Morrow asked the defendant why he felt he had time to go and get a cricket bat but did not have enough time to call the police.

"I don't know why I didn't (call the police)," the defendant replied.

"I wasn't the only person he had started on that day - I was like the fourth or fifth person."

Defence lawyer Rick Parks saw the lighter side of the incident, telling Mr Morrow he conceded his client's actions were just "not cricket, your honour".

"It's a gentleman's game," came the stern reply from the bench.

Mr Morrow imposed a fine of $900 and did not record a conviction given the man's limited history and early guilty plea.

"If you were fourth or fifth, it would be much easier to ring the police rather than the rest of you trying to deal with it yourselves. Because that didn't work, did it?" Mr Morrow said.

"You're the one that got charged.

"I'm not having people running around swinging cricket bats in Biloela."