ON THE BALL: Golf appeals to players of all ages.
ON THE BALL: Golf appeals to players of all ages.

Banana Shire Sports Results


Moura Golf

LAST week a 4BBB stableford was played and the winners were Brett Maller & Kevin Lambert-Barker on 44pts, runners up went to Ian Edmistone & Peter McGuire on 42 pts. Pinshots were No2/11, R.Long, No4/13, P. Lambert- Barker, No6/15 Brett Maller.

This Sunday the game will be the May Monthly Medal. Thursday Club

LAST Thursday we held the break up day for Thursday club and our winner was Peter McGuire with 36 pts. Runner up went to Syd Dunne on 35pts. The 4ball aggregate was won by Dave Longhurst & Kevin Lambert-Barker with 69 pts, on a roll off.

The visitors winner was Dave Longhurst on 36 pts, the membership was won by Syd Dunne. Pinshots were No2/11, D. Longhurst, No4/13, D. Longhurst, No6/15, P. Lambert- Barker. We will start the 2019 -2020 season this week and each Thursday at 2.30pm.

Biloela Golf

SATURDAY was a Medley Stableford. The winner on a countback was Mark Drochmann from Bruce Robson & Chase Wright all on 37 points followed by Steve Ryrie & Troy Lonsdale on 36, Graham Dorsett & Matt Sahlqvist on 34. Pinshot 2/16 went to S Dietrich and #8 went to B Robson #13 was not claimed.

Sunday was the April round of the Monthly Medal, the winner was Bruce Robson with 66 nett from Dr Charles Miles 69, Kerry Moreland & Steve Dietrich 70, Josh Harris 71, Graham Dorsett, Chase Wright & Steve Ryrie 73, Butch Hutton & Troy Lonsdale 74.

Pin-shots 2/16 C Miles, #8 S Ryrie, #11 & 13 S Dietrich. The Captain's pin went to J Affleck .32m from B Robson 1.77m

Next Saturday will be a Medley Stableford, Sunday will be the May round of the Monthly Medal and Monday will be a 2 ball Medley ambrose draw for partners.

The May Monthly 4BBB will be played on May 19 as the Moura open is on the 26th.


The DCVSTA's Open Tournament will be held in Biloela on May 18 and 19. It is open to all players who are 35 or over by the end of the year. The tournament is played in four sessions, with men's and ladies' doubles both mornings and mixed doubles both afternoons. All standards are catered for, with a B grade section offered where numbers permit.

Players can nominate for all four sessions, contact Clarice White 4995 1128.


CALLIDE Valley District Darts Association Results 30/04/2019

Bandits defeated Rug Rats 8-5. Brad Howe 7 tons 4 pegs 180x1. Wayne Henney 6 tons 8 pegs High Peg 74. Shane McCrohon 9 ton 7 pegs. Cameron Curtis 7 tons 2 pegs. Narelle de Git 1 peg.

Brenda McNeill 2 tons 2 pegs High Peg 40. John Sills 5 tons 5 pegs High Throw 174. Dion McNeill 9 tons 4 pegs 180x1. Ferals defeated The Bad Boys 10-3. Wayne Watson 3 tons 3 pegs

Pete Dwyer 14 tons 7 pegs 180x1. Roydon Lawson 5 tons 7 pegs High Peg 92. Ra-chael Jones 2 tons 3 pegs High throw 140 High Peg 49. Ben Tye 1 peg. Warren Tilley 2 tons 2 pegs High Throw 134

Martin Simpkins 6 tons 5 pegs

Mal Stehbens 1 ton 1 peg

Bitz 'n'Pieces defeated Jagg3rs 12-1

Josh Smallwood 6 tons 7 pegs

Chris Kent 4 tons 6 pegs High Peg 51

Kelly Ruth 1 ton 3 pegs

Ben Boal 4 tons 5 pegs

Kerri-Ann Keegan 1 ton 1 peg High Throw 146

Joey Mitchell 2 tons 2 pegs

Wayne Sills 1 ton