THE SUPERSTARS: Our Year 1 / 2 class.
THE SUPERSTARS: Our Year 1 / 2 class.

Baralaba learn the value of teamwork

In Term 2, Baralaba State School was one of 11 state schools in Queensland involved in an attendance competition run by the JT Academy.

Johnathon Thurston (JT) is one of the Department of Education’s sponsors of the Every Day Counts campaign and school attendance is really important to him.

This is a competition that we were thrilled to be involved in - attendance is also very important to us.

In this competition, each principal nominated one class that had the highest attendance rate in their school for Term 2.

This data was then quality assured by Performance Measurement Branch in Brisbane.

They had to make sure the nominations were correct and that the percentages were correctly calculated.

It was going to be a tight competition.

The students’ names of this winning class from each school were then sent onto JT.

He was giving each student from this winning class in each school a personally addressed letter and certificate.

This was for every student in each winning class in each of the 11 schools. JT’s hand would have been sore after signing all of these letters.

In this letter, JT writes about classes being like training sessions.

JT says, “You can’t improve if you don’t attend to learn and practice. Your classmates are like your teammates. You should support them and inspire them to be the best they can be, and they should do the same for you. Your teachers are like your coach. Listen to them, show them respect and ask them questions to learn more and make the most of their knowledge and experience. I just want you to believe in yourself and keep turning up to school.”

This message is a wonderful way to think of going to school and it is wonderful for a school to receive this level of support from highly regarded individuals in our community.

There was even an extra part to this competition in which the top class from the 11 schools received a special prize.

Performance Measurement Branch then needed to compare each of the winning classes from these 11 schools against each other. They needed to make sure that they got this result right because the additional prize would be so highly valued by students.

We are very proud to announce that our winning class – our Year 1 / 2 class - was also the top class from these 11 schools. We really are the best!

At this week’s parade, we congratulated our Year 1/2 class and their coaches – Mrs Stewart and Mrs Cox – and presented certificates, signed letters and gift bags.

This is a one more piece of evidence that Baralaba SS students can outperform any other group of students when we act like a team and look out for each other.

Congratulations to our Year 1 / 2 class! Go Team Baralaba!