ELECTRICAL SAFETY: Ergon Energy Dial Before You Dig.
ELECTRICAL SAFETY: Ergon Energy Dial Before You Dig. LauriPatterson

Be aware of potential electrical dangers

ERGON Energy want to remind Biloela residents to be aware of underground and overhead electrical dangers in and around their property.

With many people working in their yard over the holiday period, digging, cutting and pruning trees, Ergon's Safety Advisor Chris Rose said these jobs should be done with electrical safety in mind.

"Whether digging a new garden bed, drilling a hole for a fence post or planting a new tree, we're asking people to be aware or underground and overhead power,” Mr Rose said.

Before digging on the footpath, people should always contact 'Dial Before You Dig' on www.1100.com.au or call 1100.

The 'Dial Before You Dig' service can assist property owners with plans and advice about any registered underground facilities outside a property boundary.

Mr Rose also urged people to stay away from overhead powerlines.