RALLY: Bob Moschioni and George Georgiou  with the classic beauties.
RALLY: Bob Moschioni and George Georgiou with the classic beauties. Vanessa Jarrett

Beautiful old Wolseleys are Bob's pride and joy

BOB MOSCHIONI has been entering his vintage cars in the local rally for the past six or seven years.

Bob is the proud owner of two Wolseley 4/44 cars in 1953 and 1955 year models.

"I did have a third one but I swapped it for a grey Fergy tractor,” Bob said.

Bob said his Wolseleys were a great interest of his that came from his younger days.

"Years ago when I was a young person, my boss had two and I got to ride around in them every so often, so when these became available I jumped on it,” Bob said.

"I got them in fairly good condition and I try to keep them that way.”

Bob said he looked forward to entering his cars in the rally each year.

"My word, I take them to the rallies and use them for weddings and formals at the Biloela high school,” he said.

"You get a lot of inquiries where did they come from, and a lot of pats on the back on how well they are looked after.

"Quite a few come and had a look as well inside at the beautiful woodwork interior.”

A Thangool local, Bob has been going to the rally for many years.

"I thought it was a great rally this year.

"The rally still got a good amount of people turn out and it was quite successful,” he said.

"We had a tremendous amount of trucks, cars and a huge amount of tractors. It was great to see so many people come in - the committee works pretty hard.”

Bob said he was looking forward to showing off his cars again next year.

"I will be there. You have to take the years one by one at this age, but I will be there for sure,” he said.