Karla Lovell has been selected to dance at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2018 Commonwealth Games.
Karla Lovell has been selected to dance at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Jane Peters

Biloela dancer to star in 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

PERFORMING in front of a crowd of thousands, and millions more television viewers, Biloela dancer Karla Lovell is set to take centre stage.

Ms Lovell has been selected to dance in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

The 19 year old is one of the 150 dancers selected to perform out of 4500 dancers who auditioned.

"It was crazy, there were so many people there,” Ms Lovell said.

"We went through security and ID Scanners, we then had head shots and body shots taken.

"We watched a video promoting the Production Company and then proceeded to the physical audition where they gave us three separate pieces of choreography to learn and memorise.

"We then performed them in small groups before having an improvisation session where we had to make up our own routine on the spot. The whole process took around three hours.”

Ms Lovell didn't think she had a chance in being successful.

"I was absolutely ecstatic! I really could not believe I was chosen when there were so many amazing dancers that auditioned,” she said.

Karla Lovell has been selected to dance at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2018 Commonwealth Games.
Karla Lovell at her dance studio in Biloela Vanessa Jarrett

The owner of the Biloela-based studio Karla's Dance Collective was encouraged to audition by one of her dance teachers who work for her.

"As soon as I knew it was a possibility to perform I was determined to be apart of it,” Ms Lovell said.

"It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

The dance itself will be kept a top secret, Ms Lovell is looking forward to working with dance industry legends.

"We won't know what we will be doing until our first rehearsal in the new year but even then we've signed a contract to make sure we don't give anything away,” she said.

"It all has to stay as a big secret.

"I am so excited to work along choreographers and production specialists from the Jack Morton Company who will be producing the ceremonies.

"The audition was a jazz routine but I know we will be working alongside the QLD Ballet too.”

The games are set to open in April and Ms Lovell will be counting down the sleeps.

"The night of the performance will be the part I am looking forward to most, the atmosphere will be full of energy and I can't wait to be amongst it,” she said.

While Ms Lovell has performed in front of many crowds, this will be her biggest audience to date.

"This is definitely going to be the biggest audience I will ever dance in front of, especially as it will be broadcast internationally,” she said.

"It is going to be absolutely exhilarating but I'll be extremely nervous at the same time.”

Before she gets to that point, there will be some intensive rehearsals.

"We have three per week starting in the new year and then will be amped up to four/five rehearsals per week a month from the games,” Ms Lovell said.

"All of the rehearsal will go for around four hours.”

Setting an example for her students, Ms Lovell said she will be proudly representing Biloela on stage.

"It is my highest achievement so far and I really can't think of anything in the future that could top it,” Ms Lovell said.

"It will be really good to show my students that just because they have grown up in a rural town that they are not disadvantaged at all.

"They will all be able to go on to do great things whether in dance or in any other fields.”