DOUBLE THE FUN: Twins Ronnan and Indi, Lachlan and Lily, Charlee and Oliver and Xander and Noah.
DOUBLE THE FUN: Twins Ronnan and Indi, Lachlan and Lily, Charlee and Oliver and Xander and Noah. Vanessa Jarrett

Biloela Prep class filled with four sets of twins

IN A cohort of 70 children, eight prep children had one thing in common - they were twins.

Biloela State School started their prep grade with three sets of twins and now, thanks to newcomers Ronnan and Indi Russell, they finished the year with four sets of twins.

Luckily, there was only one identical set, boys Noah and Xander, while the other three were all fraternal boy-girl pairs.

Katrina Torrance had the testing job of having the identical boys in her class, Prep H.

"At the start of the year it was a bit harder (telling them apart) but their Mum, Steph, was fabulous,” Mrs Torrance said.

Having dealt with the identical twins at home, Mum sent the boys to school well prepared.

"One had blue shoelaces and the other had red and that carried on to their school bags,” Mrs Torrance said. "And they always had different haircuts. Mum was very, very helpful.

"Throughout the year I picked up on facial features and Xander is now a bit taller than Noah.”

The twins resisted the urge to play tricks on their teacher.

"Fortunately not, Mum mentioned they have done it only once or twice at home,” Mrs Torrance said.

She said having so many twins was a first for the school.

The other children thought it was pretty cool and were a little bit jealous at the same time.

"They were quite excited about it,” Mrs Torrance said.

"It was great for discussions, we talked about how uncommon it is to have so many twins and all be in the same grade.”

This is Mrs Torrance's last year at Biloela State School as she has accepted a transfer to Brisbane for 2018.

"I really will miss them, it is something I can't imagine happening again in my career so I needed to enjoy the opportunity while I had it,” she said.

Down the corridor at Prep F, Peta Fletcher had some more of the twins.

"Sometimes you would sort of see the difference in them being twins, they will sit close next to each other on the carpet, give each other rubs on the back, do kind things for one another, look out for each other,” Mrs Fletcher said. "Just closer things than normal siblings would do.”

One of the toughest challenges in teaching twins was not to compare them with each other.

"They are both different, they are individuals and they don't perform the same in each area,” Mrs Fletcher said.

While they are twins, each twin person has their own brain which works at their own pace.

"They aren't going to do the same at school, especially boy and girl twins. They learn differently and excel in different things in this age,” Mrs Fletcher said.

At the same time, they are also their own little person.

"I don't think of them as twins, they are individuals,” Mrs Fletcher said.

"They all have their own personalities.

"Lachlan is so introverted and Lily is really outgoing, they are total opposites.”

Just as Mrs Fletcher had got into the swing of things, another surprise landed in her classroom when Ronnan and Indi joined the class at the beginning of term four.

"It was another set of twins, it was just such a surprise to get more when we already had three,” she said.

"I hadn't taught any twins before and it's unbelievable we had four in one year.”