ENGINES REVVED: Members of the Callide Valley BMX Club are gearing up to host their largest annual event this weekend.
ENGINES REVVED: Members of the Callide Valley BMX Club are gearing up to host their largest annual event this weekend. Aaron Goodwin

Cash prizes and good times

THE biggest BMX event on the calendar is fast approaching for the Callide Valley.

The Callide Valley BMX Club's Biloela BMX Bash has returned in another instalment of top-notch dirt bike riding action for the entire family.

Set across an entire weekend, the event includes all the riding categories and facilities, plus cash prizes for winners.

John McDougall, director of council services for Banana Shire Council, said the annual event would attract riders far and wide.

"We have riders that come from the Sunshine Coast right through to well within Central Queensland,” McDougall said.

"Normally as far as Mackay to the north and Sunshine Coast to the south.

"Predominately Central Queensland clubs like Rockhampton and Gladstone.

”There'll be a lot of talent on showcase.”

Some of that talent includes Callide Valley's very own world champion rider to be joined by the nation's best.

Riders in the Pro Open Men and Women's categories will be chasing a prize pool of $1500 and $800 respectively.

"We've got our own Tama Onekawa, who's a former world number-one rider,” McDougall said.

"There's a number of other Australian and world plate riders that'll be coming along as well.

"It's an annual event for us. Each club in the state has their own open championship and this is Callide Valley's turn.

"It doesn't add for competition points but it's a strategic time of year.

"We are leading into state titles so there'd be a lot of kids and open rides looking to perform here in preparation for the state titles in a few weeks.”

The gates open Friday afternoon with warm-ups and gate starts to kick off the weekend.

"Saturday will have training sessions in the morning and then racing starts just after midday until dark,” McDougall said.

"Sunday will be the finals and that's the big one where the money's earned, as well as sponsors' day on the Sunday.

"There'll be ample free camping space and facilities for travellers, as well as a canteen and a breakfast on Sunday morning.

"We're very lucky a lot of people do come and camp,” McDougall said.

"We have the facilities here with toilets and showers over at the netball complex.

"It'll be a sea of bikes and tents and it's very much a family atmosphere.”

McDougall anticipates the BMX Bash will give Biloela and surrounding areas a healthy tourism cash boost during the weekend.

"The BMX community invest very well wherever they go,” McDougall said.

"There will be a lot of people staying in motels that aren't camping here and mum and dad will slip into town and buy something.

"It will be a good cash injection across the weekend and we're proud of that.”

To nominate, head to bmxaustralia.com.au/ bmx-australia-events-and- results/online-race-entry.

Send any inquiries through to callidevalleybmx @hotmail.com.

Gates open Friday, September 6, in the afternoon, with the event culminating with presentations mid-morning Sunday, September 8.