STILL HERE: Golf is still on in the Banana Shire under stringent restrictions and guidelines.
STILL HERE: Golf is still on in the Banana Shire under stringent restrictions and guidelines.

Clubs get all clear to stay open and tee off

WITH all the major football codes and many other sports falling prey to Covid-19 bans, golf is one of the few sports left standing.

On Wednesday, Golf Australia received confirmation from Queensland Health that state government had approved Queensland golf clubs can operate their courses and clubhouses under restrictions.

Moura Golf Club captain Pauline Lambert-Barker said she would love to see people playing on the course, in accordance with health measures.

"Golf is one of the safer sports because you can keep that 1.5 metre distance between your playing partner," Lambert-Barker said.

"If you are sensible and leave the flag in when you putt, it's wholly legal these days when it wasn't in the past.

"If you follow these things and keep safe, we will be good."

In accordance with the PM's Covid-19 banning of outdoor gatherings, the Moura and Biloela Golf Clubs can only have groups of 10 people on the course at any time and players cannot congregate at the clubhouse in groups.

The two clubs will also no longer permit the purchase of alcohol but takeaway food is still available.

Pro shops can be used but people must not congregate in this area.

"We never shut the course, so they are still welcome to play," Lambert-Barker said.

"The clubhouse is only open competition days on a Thursday afternoon and Sunday.

"We will have our normal club days going ahead and we will have a meeting before play on Sunday."

Via the Biloela Golf Club Facebook page, president Bruce Robson also announced that the club would be implementing a time sheet with timeslots from 11am and the clubhouse would be operating at normal hours going forward.

Another measure at the Biloela Golf Club is that buggy share is not permitted unless both people live under the same roof.

Next Saturday the Biloela Golf Club will hold a medley stableford and Sunday will be the March round of the 4BBB for the men, ladies will play a stableford.

For more information on how to play golf safely at either club, head to the club's respective Facebook pages.