COLD SNAP: It will be a cool weekend in the Banana Shire.
COLD SNAP: It will be a cool weekend in the Banana Shire. Contributed

Cold front to see temps fall

DIG out the hot water bottle for this weekend because the temperature has been predicted to hit single figures with a cold front coming through.

It might also pay to dig out an umbrella with mid-week showers possibly coming through.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist David Crock said there would be some southern winds blowing through the region to cause the cold change.

"There's going to be a couple of cold mornings coming up due to a dry air mass,” David said.

"On Saturday and Sunday the temperature will change due to it coming from the south.”

Today's weather is expected to be sunny with overnight temperatures falling to around 11C and a daytime maximum of 29C.

The weekend's prediction is sunny with night-time temperatures of 9C and a daytime maximum of 24C.

Next week should see a change from the cold snap as minimum temperatures rise to 14C on Monday and Tuesday. "Winds from the Coral Sea offshore could move in a south-west direction and bring some midweek rain with it so we are keeping an eye on it to see what that weather pattern might bring with it,” Mr Crock said.

Monday is expected to be partly cloudy with a slight chance of showers and slightly warmer temperatures.

Tuesday and Wednesday might see a shower or two with the temperature down to around 15C during the night and 28C during the day.