Moura residents urged to run their water for five minutes.
Moura residents urged to run their water for five minutes.

Dirty water in Moura water supply

MOURA residents have been advised to run their tap for at least five minutes due to reported discoloured water in several areas.

Banana Shire Council was made aware at 2.30pm about dirty water in the Moura Water Supply Scheme and will keep residents informed of the current situation.

There has been an aesthetic issue of colour in the water visible as pale yellow or yellow brown colouration on the water.

Council's water supply technicians flushed the water supply network in the affected areas of Moura until it run clean this afternoon.

"Routine monitoring of the water performed in the last two weeks has shown no exceedances of any relevant health values," a council spokesperson said.

"The safety of the drinking water supply has not been compromised and Banana Shire Council will continue to perform routine monitoring to ensure the safety of the water supply.

"Residents are urged to run the tap in their sink for at least five minutes or until their water clears."

Further updates will be provided when further information becomes available.

Anyone with concerns about the quality of their water can phone the Banana shire Council on 4992 95000 or email .