Divine our Destiny boys leading the local dance group in a workshop.
Divine our Destiny boys leading the local dance group in a workshop. Vanessa Jarrett

Divine our Destiny in town

THE Divine our Destiny boys have been busy getting around Biloela this week ahead of their concert with Justice Crew this weekend.

The boys have been holding workshops with local schools and dance groups, teaching them dance moves and holding question and answer sessions.

The workshops have been an opportunity for the dance crew to give back to the community where two of the boys, Kaitai McDonald and Zac Baldwin, grew up.

"We have had a really warm welcome by everyone,” Kaitai said.

All the students and aspiring dancers have been in awe of meeting the famous boys and are more than eager to dance like them.

"The kids have been been so active and wanting to learn,” DOD member Keithlyn Ritete said.

"It's been fun being in the boys' hometown and seeing where they grew up,” DOD member Justice Burrow said.

The countdown is getting close for Saturday night, and buzz for the concert has been rapidly building around town.

"We've asked all the kids if they are coming and it's been a big show of all the hands,” Zac said.

But the show isn't for just the younger ones.

"We have a lot of old friends coming too,” Kaitai said.

"And we have had a lot of parents tell us we are excited and even some of our old teachers.”

The boys will be releasing their debut single, Moments, at the concert and they can't wait to get on stage.

"Just showing the town what we do, sharing it with our home town,” Zac said.

"No one really knows what we do or has seen us perform and we want to show them how far we've come,” Kaitai said.

"We're aiming it to be one of the best nights we have had in a while,” Justice said.

Concert-goers better have their dancing shows on.