JUST SHORT: The Drovers had a huge 97-7 win against Frenchville on the weekend.
JUST SHORT: The Drovers had a huge 97-7 win against Frenchville on the weekend. Contributed

Drovers narrowly miss 100 point win

RUGBY UNION: Just shy of a 100-point flattener, Dawson Valley Drovers steam-rolled ahead of their Frenchville Pioneers opposition in a stunning 97-7 full-time defeat on Saturday.

"We ran out of time. If we had just another minute, we would have had it,” Creedon, 28, said.

"We were ruthless and we were keen on that 100.

"Although we've been close a couple of times, this is the closest we've ever been.”

Credit where credit is due, the Frenchville side remained resilient throughout their reserve and A-grade games, with only "20-odd players for both games”.

"They beat our reserve grade convincingly: 45-0,” Creedon said.

"However, the score didn't reflect our game. Our guys stuck to it the whole game.”

At 50-0 at half-time and 70-0 in the last 15 minutes, the A-grade team "really put the foot down” and rushed their field goal once they scored a try.

Creedon is confident in his team taking out a win against Brothers in next weekend's double-header.

"We're pretty confident going into most games and trust in our defence and our structure,” he said.

Stand-out performances included those of Izak Holmes, Ben Cumming and Joe Ramsey.

Despite the strength in the side's attacking tactics and a "solid back line”, Creedon said the team is pushing even further.

"We've actually been a bit poor in defence these first four or five weeks but that comes down to being rusty and needing to focus on our techniques and fitness,” he said.

"Once our game fitness picks up, we can work on these things ... our goal is to win grand finals, back to back.

"We're a good unit and work well together as we've been playing together for years now.

"The forwards get to go forward in momentum and the backs finish it off and that makes the perfect team.”