VICTORS: Drovers go for the line-out in their match against Capricorn Coast.
VICTORS: Drovers go for the line-out in their match against Capricorn Coast. Crinkle Cotton Photography

Drovers thrash foes to stay unbeaten

THE DAWSON VALLEY Drovers A-grade team are still holding the undefeated title after a 59-7 score win against Capricorn Coast on the weekend.

"We did well,” A-grade captain Angus Creedon said after the match.

"Grant Reddiex scored three tries and Tom Nobbs scored three as well.”

The Reserves side unfortunately weren't able to follow suit, losing 12-7.

"The Cap Coast boys had a wedding on and only 17 people turned up,” Creedon said.

"They did well to back it up and play both games.”

A-grade's win was made even more special as Saturday saw the club celebrating 25 years at The Stockyard with an Old Boys Day.

"It was good, we had 40-50 old boys turn up,” he said.

He said good team numbers had led to their top spot on the ladder.

"That is what is really helping us out, every weekend we have nearly two full teams turn up,” he said.

"So that gives us a lot of depth and it doesn't matter too much if someone has to work or they are off injured.”

Creedon said the club had been getting good community support.

"We are building up the culture now and we are getting good crowds at home,” he said.

"We have a really good support group and we do a lot of Facebook advertising and Carly Goody from Crinkle Cotton Photography comes and takes our photos and she is great.

"And now we are tendering for the grand final, we are hoping to have the grand final at home in Moura.”

After coming runner-up in last year's grand final, Creedon is confident they will get another chance this year.

"A-grade has been undefeated all year and reserves are still in the mix for the finals,” he said.

"Hopefully this year will make up for last year's loss.”

Finals for the season will begin in a few weeks, from August 12.