YOUNG CHAMP: Ruby Hooper with her pony Wyann Caramel Classic.
YOUNG CHAMP: Ruby Hooper with her pony Wyann Caramel Classic.

Eight year-old rider the undisputed champion

EIGHT year-old Ruby Hooper was crowned overall champion in two categories at her first interschool championship.

At the Wide Bay Interschool Regional Championships last weekend, Ms Hooper did two dressage tests for the first time and was awarded overall champion in the primary walk trot dressage and primary walk trot show hunter.

Her mother Janie Hooper said Ruby earned her champion status for the show horse class after a first place in phase 1 – Rider class, and a second place in phase 2 – Show Hunter class.

“She’s mainly ridden at shows and some riders start dressage tests earlier but it’s always a different starting point for each rider,” Mrs Hooper said.

“This a very big achievement for her first time round in the interschool arena.”

Ruby’s pony, Wyann Caramel Classic, is a Show Hunter type and that is why she competed in the Show Hunter section.

Ms Hooper said she felt proud, happy and excited when she won the championship ribbon.

“I love going to horse events with mum,” Ms Hooper said.

“I love my pony because he is my best friend and he looks after me.

“It was fun doing my first dressage test, finding my way around all the letters.

“My goal for the future is to improve at doing dressage and know my diagonals.”

With the family based on a cattle property outside of Taroom, Mrs Hooper said her kids learned to ride so they could help work the property and muster on horses.

“This is part of making riding fun for her,” Mrs Hooper said.

“She’s a quiet happy child who loves her pony.”

“It’s a sport we originally chose for her and she has gone to love and excel in.”