Elle Macpherson says modelling world used to be 'toxic'

Elle Macpherson found the modelling world to be "toxic and iconic" in the 1980s.
The 50-year-old beauty found international fame during the decade, but admits the industry has changed markedly since then.

Elle, who is also known as 'The Body', shared: "It was pretty (kind of) toxic and iconic.

"I was 20 and living in New York City and travelling the world and making money."

Elle said the rise of new technologies has seen the modelling industry evolve.

She told 'The Project': "Cindy Crawford once said, 'you know when we first started modelling nobody had iPhones'.

"So at lunch time you actually sat around and discussed things.

"We learned a lot from photographers or artists that would drop by at the studios and I invested in art."

Meanwhile, Elle revealed recently she thinks turning 50 was "cool".

The Australian supermodel reached the milestone last March but insists she feels better than ever.

Asked whether she panicked about turning 50, she said: "I just thought, how cool! I have years of experience - and hopefully wisdom.

"It's a wonderful milestone from an emotional, spiritual and a physical point of view. I feel better than ever."