Bilo Babes founder Alex Klease.
Bilo Babes founder Alex Klease. Facebook

Friends through social media

A NEW Facebook page has been created so women in Biloela and surrounding towns can make new friends.

Alex Klease started the Bilo Babes page after a conversation with a friend.

"My friend Tracey and I were talking about how it would be great to get women out of their homes and making new acquaintances,” she said.

Alex moved to the area four years ago when she was offered a teaching position in Moura.

After meeting her partner, now her husband, Alex moved to Biloela in 2014.

"I moved to town without knowing many people and it was an incredibly daunting and sometimes lonely experience,” she said.

"Netball wasn't (and still isn't) my thing and I felt there weren't many opportunities for me to get out and meet people.

"Four years ago, I would have loved a social group of women to meet with and make new friends outside of my workplace.

"Bilo Babes is a great opportunity.”

The page has already had more than 230 likes since Alex started the page on Sunday. "I had no idea it was going to take off like this," Alex said.