OVERSIZE LOAD: Half of the house is driven down from the top of Lord St at 4am on Saturday.
OVERSIZE LOAD: Half of the house is driven down from the top of Lord St at 4am on Saturday. Mike Richards GLA020618MOVE

GALLERY: Moving half a house through Gladstone's streets

A CQ couple took the phrase "moving house" all too literally over the weekend.

The young family owns a block of land at Orange Creek, near Biloela - but for their house, they had their hearts set on on an old Queenslander at the top of one of Gladstone's steepest streets.

Rather than building from scratch or making the move to the coast, they instead paid for the entire building to be lifted up and transported about 100km west on the Dawson Hwy.

Rockhampton-based family company Busby Demolition & House Removal took on the first half of the massive task in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The house, which used to sit at the top of Lord St, was split down the middle and loaded on to a special truck with hydraulic lifts before beginning the long drive out of town, complete with police escort.

Patrick Busby admitted the move was "a tricky one" due to the steepness of the street, but was proud to report the first half of the house had been safely delivered to its new block by 8.15am that day.

"We had to cut it because you're only allowed nine metres on the road," he said.

"It's a whole process. Once the house is on its stands we reverse the hydraulic trailer underneath and set it up.

"Then we've got to put our signage on, our lights, our permits.

"When the police turn up on site, they check all our documents and give us the tick that we're good to go."

Mr Busby said it took well over an hour just to get the house out of Gladstone, due to the size of the roughly 50-tonne load.

"That's why we do it in the early morning, to avoid bothering too many people," he said.

The second half of the house was due to be transported early this morning.