KICK OFF: A return to training date is just over the horizon for the Biloela Valleys FC with as club officials work through the details and finalise a date. Picture:File
KICK OFF: A return to training date is just over the horizon for the Biloela Valleys FC with as club officials work through the details and finalise a date. Picture:File

Going through uncharted waters to get back on the pitch

IT won’t be too long now until organised sports training and even competition returns to the Banana Shire as restrictions ease.

On Monday, Football Queensland (FQ) released Return to Training guidelines and resources for clubs ahead of the recommencement of football activity from June 12 (stage two).

Biloela Valleys FC committee member Dee-Anne Radke said after a brief meeting last night between club members and FQ representatives, the club is sorting through when training will return for the club and how exactly it will be run with only 20 people allowed to train under stage two.

“We need to be clear with our members that we may have to stagger sessions which makes it hard to get team continuity together but we are still limited in the fact that people can’t touch equipment and there’s only a certain type you can use,” Radke said.

“We are stull yet to touch base as a committee and work out the training start date for the juniors and seniors.

“For those juniors wanting to play we need to make sure their safety is a priority, as well as our seniors but our seniors will understand more about being mindful of social distancing.

“Everyone needs their own equipment and balls and managing that with juniors will be a lot more difficult that it will seniors.”

Radke said that at this stage from discussions, the tentative start date for the Gladstone Football League will be in July when stage three restrictions are in effect.

“It doesn’t give us very long to get skills, fitness and training back underway before we play,” Radke said.

“Even if we do start July we need to talk with FQ about their idea to extend the season.

“Normally the season goes to September so it may not be beneficial putting the club through two-three months worth of the soccer for the season

“We may look at starting six-a-side coemption early but it's all up in the air on how we proceed

“As much as we all want the season and competitiveness and we only get three months you need to put in perspective, is it worth it?”

FQ CEO Robert Cavallucci urges all Queenslanders to follow these guidelines to ensure all members of the football community can return to training in a safe and organised environment from June 12.

“These guidelines and resources built for Queensland clubs have been adapted to align with the Queensland Government’s Return to Play Guide, and have been developed in consultation with medical authorities to ensure a safe return to our game for all involved,” Mr Cavallucci said.

“The Return to Training guidelines include conditions for all Queenslanders to follow once training resumes, including specific information on hygiene protocols, social distancing measures, and other requirements for participants, parents and clubs.

Football Queensland Return to Training Rules

  • 1.5m social distancing to be implemented at all times
  • No change rooms will be open
  • Players must not arrive more than 25 minutes before training
  • No sharing of drink bottles is permitted, players must bring their own
  • Parents and carers should wait in the car to avoid gatherings
  • No person to person contact drills
  • Minimise the handling of any equipment
  • Use hand sanitiser during drink breaks