Gold Coast man takes keys and foils robbery
Gold Coast man takes keys and foils robbery

VIDEO: "Busted plugger" not enough to stop Queensland heroes

AUSTRALIA'S favourite shirtless and shoeless heroes who foiled a Gold Coast robbery have wowed their adoring fans once again by giving more detail about their escapades.

James Ross-Munro and mate Kane Wiblen were at a "stubbies and singlets" party when they did a food run to an Arundel servo on the Gold Coast.

James told Nine's Today Show how he helped to stop the crime in progress despite busting his brand new pluggers or thongs, as he jumped over a sign on his way to the service station.

He was still worried about the plugger blow-out when he noticed something amiss.

"[I was] pretty concerned about my blowout I had, and looked up and saw a white Commodore pull up with two blokes with shirts around their faces, and yeah…sort of thought something was a bit suss. Better go and check it out," he said.

The rest of their action was caught on camera.

After realising that they were in the midst of witnessing a burglary of the Oporto, James dashed to the car, pulled the keys out of the ignition and told Kane to "call the cops".

Nine's sport reporter Tim Gilbert told James his strength in the face of danger was because of his working out.

"Mate I don't go to the gym, haven't been to the gym in years. The only gym I go to is Jim Beam, that's about it," Mr Ross-Munro said.