SHOW STOPPER: Biloela born and bred, DJ Brooklyn is making a stop in town for a big show.
SHOW STOPPER: Biloela born and bred, DJ Brooklyn is making a stop in town for a big show.

Homegrown talent back in CQ for huge show

FROM the quiet streets of Biloela to performing at Australia’s premium nightclubs and across Asia, DJ Brooklyn is coming back to her home town for a huge one night only show.

Before the 30-year-old became the world renowned DJ Brooklyn, she grew up in Biloela where she still has fond memories.

“I have so many memories, like going fishing/swimming at Callide Dam, making silly music videos with my sister on our home camera and playing in the chook pen out at my cousin’s farm,” DJ Brooklyn said.

“I still have family living in Bill so that would be the main thing I miss about living there.”

DJ Brooklyn said she was very excited to be coming back to perform at the Biloela Civic Centre.

“I have been looking forward to this show, it’s always nice to come home and I’m excited to show the town what I do,” DJ Brooklyn said.

“It’s just going to have a surreal feeling for me performing at the Civic Centre where I grew up dancing as a little girl.”

Kicking off the show in Biloela will be Adrian Brown from the Profit Music Group followed by Y33T.

Brooklyn’s set on Saturday night falls in line with her busy schedule between October and November, with sets stretching from Cairns to overseas in China.

Brooklyn is working to take her performances to the next level with a game-changing tactic.

“I’m always learning, growing and evolving as an artist, I’m still experimenting with sounds and genres when it comes to my original work,” DJ Brooklyn said.

“As for shows, I am slowly starting to incorporate dancers and choreography into my sets which is something no one in the industry is doing at the moment.”

Doors open at 6pm on November 9 at the Biloela Civic Centre with food available throughout the night.

6-8pm free entry, $10 entry after 8pm, 18+ event.