FEELING FROSTY: Biloela experiences one of the coldest mornings in Queensland.
FEELING FROSTY: Biloela experiences one of the coldest mornings in Queensland. Tessa Mapstone

Icy temperature makes for a cold morning start

A FREEZING morning blast in Biloela today at -1.1 degrees put Biloela as having the second coldest morning in Queensland today.

At 5.29am this morning, The Bureau of Metreology's (BOM) observation site at the Thangool airport reported the -1.1 degree reading for Biloela which was only surpassed by Clermont at -1.5 degrees.

Kimba Wong from BOM highlighted the last time it was this cold in Biloela.

"The last time it was this cold was on July 15 (2019) at -2 degrees,” Ms Wong said.

"The last time it was at least this cold in August was last August (2018) when it got down to -2.5 degrees.”

A strong cold front passing through the southern states in the last few days was the cause of Biloela's icy morning.

"In the wake of those cold fronts, very cold and dry air has been pushing up from the south of Queensland making it all the way to the coast and the parts of the tropics as well,” Ms Wong said.

"With that cold and dry air we've had those minimum temperatures dropping down overnight and maximum temperatures coming down as well.

" For Biloela we're looking at another couple of cold mornings , tomorrow morning will be quite similar to last night and this morning, with a gradual warm-up into the week.”

For Gladstone, overnight temperatures dropped down below average with another chilly morning coming up.

"Gladstone was 7.5 degrees this morning, a couple of degrees below average,” Ms Wong said.

"Similar conditions expected in Gladstone tomorrow morning around 8 degrees.

"Another cold morning along the coast is expected tomorrow with moisture returning to that area in the later part of tomorrow, bringing minimum temperatures up along the coast.”

Both minimum and maximum temperatures across Biloela and Gladstone will increase in the coming days as moisture returns to the area.

"Temperatures will slowly start to creep back up as the moisture returns to the coastal parts , the winds turn around onshore and more northerly through the end of the week,” Ms Wong said.

"We'll see those maximum temperatures really climbing a few degrees at the end of the week so some quite warm days ahead.”