MENTALLY DRAINING: Lawyers for the Tamil family are working to keep the family grounded in Australia.
MENTALLY DRAINING: Lawyers for the Tamil family are working to keep the family grounded in Australia.

It's taking a toll

UPDATE: Justice Bromberg has just granted an injunction, restraining Dutton et al from removing 2-year-old Tharnuicaa from Australia, until 4pm Wednesday.

EARLIER: LAWYERS for Biloela's Tamil family will be in Melbourne's Federal Court at 10.30am this morning aiming to obtain an extension on the injunction to prevent deportation of two-year-old Tharunicaa.

Banana Shire Council Mayor Cr Nev Ferrier who appeared on the Project last Friday night to voice his support for the Tamils hopes a resolution can be reached soon.

"You wonder what it's doing to the poor buggers,” Cr Ferrier said.

"I just wish they'd stop playing with their minds like they're doing putting them on the plane and taking them off.

"It's just been going for that long.”

The Tamil family were notified of their pending deportation on Thursday evening about 7:30pm.

Their lawyers, from Carina Ford Immigration, swung into action to lodge an injunction in the name of Tharunicaa, the two-year old, and the Minister's office's refusal to hear her claims for protection.

After the plane took off, the legal team notified supporters that they were successful in obtaining the interim injunction from Federal Circuit Court Judge Riley, over the phone. This was enough to remove the family from the plane in Darwin, when it landed to refuel at 2am. 

The family were escorted off the plane in Darwin and transported to accommodation. The family reports that Tharunicaa cried constantly the whole flight and was not allowed to go to her mother, Priya who was made to sit away from both her children. 

"They put them on the plane last night and the judge comes up with something to stop them,” Cr Ferrier said.

"I don't know why the judge that's got that much power why he didn't stop it before they got on the plane or a week ago or whatever.”

The injunction that landed the plane carrying the family back to Sri Lanka will expire at midday today.