Jet passengers revolt over blind man and guide dog

MORE than 30 US Airways passengers have noisily backed a legally blind man and his guide dog when they were ordered to leave a flight by an attendant.

The incident last weekend led to the flight being cancelled, and all the passengers had to disembark.

An airline spokesman said it was investigating the incident, but it believed the man, Albert Rizzi, had been abusive.

Passenger accounts of the flight from Philadelphia to MacArthur Airport in Long Island, New York, were very different.

Passengers said the flight attendant would not let the plane move until Mr Rizzi's guide dog was sitting down under the passenger's seat.

But the aircraft was delayed on the tarmac more than an hour, and the dog became restless.

They told media it was the uncompromising attendant who had caused the problem.

They said they had not heard Mr Rizzi be aggressive at any time during the 90-minute incident.

After they left the plane, some passengers bussed to New York, while the others caught a flight the next day.