JUMPING FOR JOY: Luke Boon's performance on Australia's Got Talent has wowed his family.
JUMPING FOR JOY: Luke Boon's performance on Australia's Got Talent has wowed his family. Contributed

Jumping on the bandwagon

THE mother of Australia's new jump-rope sensation Luke Boon, from Australia's Got Talent, couldn't be prouder of all her son has achieved.

Kim Healy completed much of her schooling in Biloela while her parents Nev and Rae Healy were long-time members of the Biloela community.

Despite having seen Luke perform in countless competitions and performances, Kim still was taken a back by her son's performance on Australia's Got Talent.

"To see him in that performance he was just brilliant, a magnificent performance to watch,” Ms Healy said.

"Some of the perform- ances they do aren't always easy on the eye because there full of difficultly and creativity in competition.”

Luke, 28 is actually a current world record holder and 28-time World Champion in the sport of jump rope.

Despite all those accolades and big competition performances, Luke admits he was nervous before heading on stage for Australia's Got Talent.

"I was really nervous and more than I expected to be,” he said.

"That was because it was going to be the third time that the Australian public was really going to see rope-skipping for how I knew it to be.

"I know I had to perform well and because there's so many difficult moves in the sport of rope-skipping, it's very easy to make a mistake or even get tangled up to make the routine a disaster.

"I had to overcome those nerves, stay clam and in the end I delivered a great performance which I was really happy with.”

Luke wants to use his appearances on TV to showcase and educate the Australian public on what his sport is.

"To this day I've been skipping for 17 years and I go up to the people and they ask what I do and they still haven't heard of what it is,” he said.

"Hopefully my recent performance will expose people to the sport and make them familiar with what rope-skipping is all about.

Luke hinted that he will be paying a visit to Biloela in the future.

"I do run a lot of school- based programs and workshops and it would be awesome to run some workshops in Biloela if that's of interest to the community,” Luke said.