June weather statistics

30th June 2017 12:05 PM
250mm raingauge overflowing.

Photo: Alistair Brightman / Fraser Coast Chronicle LET IT FLOW: Where has all the rain gone? Alistair Brightman

WHILE dark clouds have teased the skies in the past couple of days, according to data compiled from the Thangool and Taroom observation stations by the Bureau of Meteorology, there has been little to no rain for June.

The data states for the first 28 days of June, the Thangool station at the airport had recorded 1.6mm of rain.

Of this, 0.2mm fell on June 13 and a further 1.4mm fell on June 18.

For the years recorded from 1929 to 2017, the average amount of rain for the month of June is 32.4mm.

While the amount of rain for Thangool was pitiful, the Taroom station recorded zero rain.

The average rainfall for the Taroom Post Office station for June is 36.9mm.

This has been averaged from data from 1870 to 2017.

Temperatures for both stations averaged around the same amount.

Thangool saw an average of 6.1° for the minimum and 23.6° for the maximum

Taroom saw an average of 6.1° for the minimum and was slightly warmer with 24.4° for the maximum.

The lowest minimum temperature recorded for Thangool was 0.5° and maximum was 18.6°.

Thangool's highest minimum temperature was 11.3° and 26.2° for maximum.

Taroom's lowest minimum temperature was 2.4° and maximum was 19.4°.

The highest minimum temperature was 11.3° and maximum was 26.2°.

BOM also cancelled the El Niño watch last week.

This follows a reversal of the early autumn warming in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean, and an easing of climate model outlooks.