An ambulance waits outside Moura Hospital.  Photo Andrew Thorpe / Central Telegraph
An ambulance waits outside Moura Hospital. Photo Andrew Thorpe / Central Telegraph Andrew Thorpe

Just what doctor ordered

A SECOND doctor has been officially appointed to work permanently in Moura.

The Moura hospital's only doctor, Dr Isuru Gamage, has been working on his own for more than five years.

In those years, locum doctors have come and gone, however it has been a constant battle for the Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service to find a permanent doctor to alleviate Dr Gamage's workload.

This week, the health service announced DrRajapackian would be starting in late October.

Executive director for Gladstone and Banana Joanne Glover said hospital staff were very excited to have found a second doctor.

"This is great news as it will enhance continuity of care for patients, alleviate pressure on the existing doctor and enhance hospital efficiencies, as it will reduce the need to continuously conduct orientations and documentation associated with securing and inducting new locums,” she said.

"We expect it will bring more stability to the hospital operations, which is positive news for CQHHS and the community.”

Ms Glover said the health service saw the need for a second doctor in the rural community of Moura as a priority.

"There has been a need for a permanent second doctor for about seven years, after the departure of the then-second doctor,” she said.

"There are 1800 residents in Moura and the doctors also provide medicals to the mines and mine workers in the region.”

Dr Rajapackian is a medical officer who has worked in Queanbeyan, NSW, and the UK.

"He will have right of practice, operating between 8am and 5pm at the medical centre on campus at Moura Community Hospital, and be on call to the hospital outside business hours,” MsGlover said.