DANCING QUEEN: Karla Lovell isn't hanging up the dancing shoes just yet.
DANCING QUEEN: Karla Lovell isn't hanging up the dancing shoes just yet. Jane Peters

Karla dances way to Brisbane

IT WASN'T always dance moves and ballet shoes for this dance teacher.

Before Karla Lovell started up her company, Karla's Dance Collective, she had a very different dream.

She was going to finish school and become a police officer.

"I thought I was going to the Police Academy,” Karla said.

Karla has been dancing since she was four, starting off with jazz and ballet when her mum signed her up for lessons.

"I was always dancing at home,” Karla said.

At the end of grade 10, Karla opened up her Karla's Dance Collective after her former dance teacher retired.

"My mum encouraged me to, it is all because of my mum,” Karla laughed.

The academy started out with only four students and she never imagined that she would be teaching 50 students aged from two to 18.

Karla didn't know herself that her academy would turn out so big and without the help of her mum this wouldn't have happened.

"Very glad I stuck around to do what I'm doing,” Karla said.

Karla has recently been accepted into the Brisbane Academy of Dance and will be finishing her teaching qualifications while doing some dancing of her own.

"I love being able to dance every day,” Karla said.

Karla's Dance Collective business will remain the same as she employs four teachers in afro, irish dancing, jazz, ballet, hip hop and acro.

She will be coming back monthly for master classes and to see how the dancers are going.

Karla said growing up and teaching in Biloela has led her to achieve her dreams today.

She said having smaller classes means you are able to focus more on your dance abilities.

"It has advantaged me because it is a small town and you are really focused on smaller classes of seven to eight as opposed to the big classes in the cities,” Karla said.

Once she is qualified, Karla hopes to one day open some more studios in various locations and teach as many kids as she can.

"I have very big plans for the future,” Karla said.