TOURISM BOOST: The latest mural project at the Urban Fitness Gym in Moura may bring added tourism attention to Moura.
TOURISM BOOST: The latest mural project at the Urban Fitness Gym in Moura may bring added tourism attention to Moura.

Major art project highlights life on the Dawson

THE power of art is in full force across the region with another mural project completed in Moura.

The side wall of the Urban Fitness Gym in Moura has been given a facelift with a mural representing the Banana Shire Floral Emblem.

This project was a joint project between the Moura Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee and the Moura Community Progress Inc with the artwork designed and completed by three artists from Brightsiders.

Moura Community Progress Inc president John Walker said there were now four new mural projects in Moura providing a spark in tourism.

“We rely on tourists a fair bit and the water tower and Kelpie Wall murals over the last winter months attracted a large amount of caravaners through Moura to look at them,” Mr Walker said.

“We talked to a lot of these people and they said when they were planning their trips they made a specific decision to see these murals.

“If you get them to stop you probably get 75 per cent of them staying over night by the time they’ve toured the town, looking at the miners memorial, the museum and they’ve bought a coffee and something to eat.”

This latest mural project joins the already popular galah water tower, kelpie wall, Dawson Hwy cafe & Indian Cuisine and another completed by the Moura Fish Stocking Group.

Mr Walker said all these murals followed the theme of the Dawson River and the important role the river played to the town’s survival.

“The gym one represents the Banana Shire floral emblem which is the Dawson River bottlebrush and all our murals are connected to the river,” Mr Walker said.

“The galah on the water tower mural has a river on the backside and the industries cotton, wheat cattle and coal which is all reliant on the river to survive.

“The dog on the kelpie wall is from Nicky Lorimer’s site ‘Dawsonriver Kelpies’.

“The Fish Stocking Group did a mural on the toilet block on the river of the saratoga and yellow belly which are in the river out there.”

The artists from Brightsiders were in Moura from November 8-13 to complete not only the gym wall mural but also put the finishing touches on the water tower mural.

“Moura is a mining and rural agriculture area and we’ve had our ups and downs through coal mining,” Mr Walker said.

“It’s a good community project to get all the business and groups involved in town.”