YOUNG LEADERS: Biloela State School Leaders, 2020.
YOUNG LEADERS: Biloela State School Leaders, 2020.

Meet our new school leaders

BILOELA State School welcomes it 2020 leaders:

• School captains – Grace and Khai

• Vice-captains – Jade and Harrison

• Gregory house captains – Mark and Jake

• Leichardt house captains – Charli and Pippa

• Mitchell house captains – Kaydi-Lee and Alex.

New year, new Preps

It is fantastic to see so many eager faces each day.

Some Prep interviews:

1. What do you like most about school?

2. What is your favourite thing to learn at school?

3. What do you like about your teacher?

Name: Aza

1. Play with friends

2. My numbers

3. She smiles

Name: Charlie

1. The playground

2. Learning about the computers

3. They do lots of stuff

Name: Jax

1. Playing with the toys

2. Cutting

3. They let me play with the toys

Name: Evydrew

1. Colouring in

2. Writing my letters

3. Reading a book

Name: Rixon

1. The colouring in

2. The alphabet

3. Reading stories

Name: Emily

1. The play dough and paint

2. Writing our letters

3. The happiness.

Prep children are settling in nicely.
Prep children are settling in nicely.

3/4B budgeting and advertising talk

Nathan from the Office of Fair Trading came into 3/4B last week to speak to the students about going shopping, dealing with money (budgeting) and advertising and how it works (persuasive devices used).

On Thursday, Nathan spoke to the students and used an interactive PowerPoint that related to the concept of budgeting.

The students worked out the best budget for purchasing for a birthday party. Students used their whiteboards to work out different costings throughout the talk.

On Friday, Nathan returned and talked about advertising and how it works and the persuasive devices companies use to persuade us to buy their products.

The students collaborated in discussion about the different aspects of advertising they had seen and worked out whether it was a “good buy” or not. They determined a couple of questions the consumer should ask when purchasing an item – what are they saying to me and why are they saying it?

Maths Week: March 9–13

Mathematics continues to be our school focus and, as a priority area, this year we are celebrating maths for a whole week by having guest speakers and lunchtime activities.

We are inviting parents and members of our community to talk to classes about maths-orientated occupations.

We want students to understand that maths is a valuable and necessary life skill and is in every part of their day, whether at home or school.