HARD WORK: Moura SHS was fortuante to host a special painting at the school’s business luncheon.
HARD WORK: Moura SHS was fortuante to host a special painting at the school’s business luncheon.

Moura businesses play vital role in student development

A LOVELY air-conditioned room greeted the guests to this year’s business luncheon, which yet again hosted over 60 guests.

The Moura High Business luncheon is about saying thank you for everything that our business family do for Moura SHS and our students.

Being a rural school our community members play an important and valued part in assisting to develop Moura High School students in becoming esteemed and skilled members of our community and we are committed to keeping this close relationship strong.

We rely on our community for many aspects that education in a classroom alone cannot deliver.

We have mentors assist during ABW, donations for our awards night, donations for our P & C, Assistance during STEM days, donations of textbooks, mentors during QMEA camps, careers days, businesses that help train our students in specialist areas, work placements for certificate courses, and businesses take on trainees and work experience students.

We inherit the value that it takes a village to raise a child and we, as a school are committed to ensure that our village continues with great success.

Our hospitality students were busily planning, creating and decorating for days beforehand to impress our lovely Moura High business family.

Pink and black were the colours of this year’s theme with a service buffet for entrée, main and dessert. Entrée’s consisted of beef skewers, spring rolls and Vol Au Vents. The main meal consisted of a selection of roasts which were carved by the students, along with a selection of vegetables and guests were able to choose from a selection of desserts which included, trifle, mars bar cheesecake, rice pudding and lemon meringue pie. Our head chef for the day was Claire Briggs.

Our guest speakers this year were Ameliija Swaffer-Selff, 2019 graduate of Moura State High School and Mrs Norah ParsonsMoura State High School teacher for over 40 years.

Ameliija spoke of the opportunities that she was afforded while being at Moura State High School and Norah spoke of the challenges that we will face with the new ATAR system and syllabus that is now underway in Queensland, where we will be relying on our business family more than ever to support out students in the pathways.

We were visited by a special guest this year, Emu. A painting which has been travelling the world for five years and this year thanks to our local councillor Brooke Leo, Moura was fortunate enough to host the wonderful painting and brought him along to our business luncheon for some happy snaps with our guests.