BAD INJURY: Brodie Morris broke his tibula and fibula in the Panthers game on Sunday.
BAD INJURY: Brodie Morris broke his tibula and fibula in the Panthers game on Sunday. Contributed

Panthers' game cut short due to badly broken leg

BRODIE MORRIS took the saying 'break a leg' seriously; only he didn't mean to and he wasn't on a stage but the football field.

The accident happened with 10 minutes to go on the clock and caused the game to come to an early finish.

Brodie was playing in his halfback position in the Panthers' Under-20s side against Gladstone Past Brothers when he was caught in a tackle.

"We were attacking their line and a hole opened up," Brodie said.

"I tried to go through and collapsed on my leg."

Brodie didn't do the break half-hearted; he broke his tibula and fibula.

"I was just in a world of pain," he said.

Due to the severity of the break, it is unknown how long Brodie will be out of action for.

"Unsure yet," he said.

"Be a little while due to having a nail holding my bone together."

With seven games still left in the season, it doesn't look like Brodie will return this season.

"Absolutely devastated considering we are having one of the best seasons," he said.

In terms of the future, Brodie is unsure if he will be able to return to playing football at all.

"Just want to focus on recovering and getting back to health," he said.

Brodie works as a third year electrical apprentice at Star Precision Electrical and won't be able to get back to work either.

"Recover and try to get back to work as soon as possible," he said.

All in all, Brodie has taken the accident well and said he will still be supporting his team.

"Yeah, it will be very hard to go up and watch," Brodie said.

"Will definitely be up at all the games and most training sessions to help the club out when I can."

Co-Coach of the Biloela U20's Gus David said the loss of Brodie will have a big effect on the team.