NEW LOOK: The   Biloela pool will be gaining a shade structure and disability ramp.
NEW LOOK: The Biloela pool will be gaining a shade structure and disability ramp. Vanessa Jarrett

Pool and aerodrome to get an upgrade

BANANA Shire Council has won funding from the State Government's Building our Regions program.

The successful projects are a safety and security upgrade at Thangool aerodrome and an upgrade at Biloela pool.

Both projects have been estimated to cost $500,000.

Government funding will cover half and Banana Shire Council will fund the remaining $250,000 for each project.

Banana Shire Coucil said there were no detailed plans for the Biloela pool as yet but the concept was to provide a disability access ramp to the 25-metre pool and provide a shade structure over the pool.

"The current disability access is unwieldy and, because of this, it's not being used,” a council spokesperson said.

The Biloela pool is used for rehabilitation and hydrotherapy by people from across the region and the new access will improve the independence and confidence of those with a disability.

The shade structure will provide shelter from the health risks associated with exposure to the sun during swimming lessons, school events, rehabilitation and other pool-based activities.

It will also provide the foundation for the installation of solar power to reduce operating costs.

Numbers were low over last year's season and a shade structure could attract more visitors.

"As with all community infrastructure, the importance of the pool cannot be understated,” council said.

"It is probable that the improvements will increase patronage, particularly among the disabled portion of our community.”

Work on the pool upgrade is due to begin this month with completion in expected in September next year.

Todd Sleeman, Banana Shire Council's director of Corporate and Community Services, said the upgrade to the Thangool Aerodrome was necessary as there had been instances of stock and wildlife wandering onto the airstrip.

"The fence will prevent animals entering the airstrip area,” Mr Sleeman said.

"The upgrade includes completing the perimeter fencing, upgrading the airstrip lighting, providing a generator for the fuel facility and sealing the emergency services holding area.”

The aerodrome construction is listed to start this month with completion expected in December.

Mr Sleeman said council would continue further upkeep after completion of the work.

"A normal level of maintenance will be required,” he said.

Banana Shire Council has applied for funding to upgrade Taroom airport and is awaiting a response.