GREENING UP: Mark posted this photo on our Facebook page:
GREENING UP: Mark posted this photo on our Facebook page: "Finally getting my nice green lawn back. It's actually raining as I took this pic the other day.” Mark Di Ruggiero

Possible showers to stay into next week

AS THE heavy rain from earlier in the week starts to clear up, residents across the Callide Valley can expect some light showers with warmer temperatures coming into the weekend and early next week.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Harry Clarke said today (Friday) we might see some rain about.

"Friday should be partly cloudy,” he said.

"There is a slight chance of showers but it will be slightly drier than the last couple of weeks.”

Saturday we might get some more wet weather.

"There is a new system coming from the west,” MrClarke said.

"More showers coming, but again not expecting to see the heavy falls like we have seen.”

But with the wet weather will come a dark sky.

"There is a chance of a possible thunderstorm on Saturday,” Mr Clarke said.

"The majority of the day will be overcast and just quite cloudy.

"Will be a pretty gloomy weekend.”

Next week some clouds will linger in the area.

"Monday onwards is looking mostly dry, possible shower on some days,” Mr Clarke said.

"There is 20-30% chance of any rain, and if it does rain it is looking quite light.

"Really the focus of any further rainfall will be Saturday or Sunday and then normal conditions further on in.”

The temperatures will also start to creep back up.

"Friday will be 28 degrees but with the cloud it will still be gloomy and a bit cooler,” MrClarke said.

"Maximum temp of 24 degree on Saturday and 26 degrees on Sunday.”

Early into next week, the temperatures will continue to rise.

"From Monday things start to warm up again - 27 degrees on Monday, 28 degrees on Tuesday and 30 degrees for Wednesday,” Mr Clarke said.