DESTROYED: Biloela State High School's C block was completely destroyed in a fire last year.
DESTROYED: Biloela State High School's C block was completely destroyed in a fire last year. Contributed

School is rebuilding after fire

AFTER having an entire building deliberately burnt down last year, Biloela State High School is finally able to make plans in moving forward in building a new building.

"It was just been so complicated, all the things we have had to do,” principal John Adie said.

The incident happened on October 21, 2016 with two local boys arrested the next day.

The fire destroyed an entire two storey building which housed two science labs, the school gymnasium, three classrooms and staff offices.

"The masses of spreadsheets we have had to go through has been a job in itself,” Mr Adie said.

"To find out all the equipment we had lost, the hours of work from students and teachers.”

Replacing the old building will be a new one storey building to be placed in a separate area of the school.

"It will have a purpose-built gym with an outdoor area attached, staff room with bathroom facilities, two brand new science labs,” Mr Adie said.

"And excellent storage for HPE and the science labs.”

Wiring from the bell system was also destroyed and this will be replaced as a whole.

"We will have a new remote electronic bell system and PA,” Mr Adie said.

The school hasn't had bells since the fire.

"The students and staff are both learning how to work without them and using their watches,” Mr Adie said.

As a state public school, the old building was covered by state government insurance, and the new building is being funded by this.

The new building is set to cost $2.5million, with Education Queensland funding any extra expenses.

"It is more expensive to build a new building,” Mr Adie said.

"There is a lot more new specifications you have to have.

"But it is going to be great improvement to what we had.”

The new building will be finished by 2019.