CVTA Life Members 2018 Peggy Sack and Helan Ambrey.
CVTA Life Members 2018 Peggy Sack and Helan Ambrey. Contributed

Serve up your tennis yarns

BOB Moschioni, patron of the Callide Valley Tennis Association since 1990 and an ex-player, made a donation to president Tim Nelson at the club's presentation night to go towards covering the cost of printing the book which will cover the past 90 years of CVTA history.

He then issued a challenge to all past and present players to do the same.

He is hoping that several will come forward with a donation as a means of offering support for the forthcoming celebrations.

All players who help in this way will be acknowledged in the finished product. Thanks to those who have already done so.

The book is making progress and should be close to the finished product by the middle of December. It attempts to cover all aspects of tennis since 1929 to the present.

Barb Wilson is doing the section on Tuesday Ladies and social activities with her usual sense of humour. It will be launched at the celebration dinner in March and then go on sale.

Stories are starting to come in.

Thanks to those who have taken the time to do them.

Please have a think about any funny, interesting or unusual things that have happened that are slightly connected to tennis in any way and let us know so we can include them.

The CVTA is trying to gauge how many books to print and are conducting a survey among our members.

If any past players feel they will possibly buy one, would you please contact Sharon (0407024032) or Clarice (49951128).

Both ladies are happy to answer any questions.

Progress is being made with the planning of the celebrations which are designed to appeal to all our past and present players.

The dinner will be held at the RSL on Saturday, March 30, 2019.

It is an open invitation to all past and present players and will be a chance to catch up with old friends as well as a get together of present players.

Tickets are to be pre-sold and will go on sale in early January.

The doubles competition will be held on Sunday, March 31.

This is the opportunity for all current players, from our strongest to our Red-ballers to participate in the celebrations as well as any visitors who would like a hit.

While entry to the doubles is free, for organisational purposes players are asked to nominate by Thursday, March 28.

There will be a court available for social tennis.

Apart from the doubles competition, this will be a second opportunity to catch up with people.

Helan Ambrey and Paggy Sack were recently named as Callide Valley Tennis Association life members.

They received their life membership badges at the presentation night.

Clarice White