Chronicle reader Bec Aldridge snapped this photo of the downpour in Harristown yesterday.
Chronicle reader Bec Aldridge snapped this photo of the downpour in Harristown yesterday. Contributed

SES warning residents to be ready for oncoming storms

STATE Emergency Service Toowoomba Regional Unit Local Controller Rob Hall is urging residents to have their emergency kits ready to go with today and the weekend’s severe storms approaching.

He said the Bureau of Meteorology had briefed the SES across the state on the state of thunderstorms, and the Toowoomba unit was ready for action.

"Given the notification of severe weather potential we have alerted our members and have already put the call out for availability to organise crews," he said.

He said the ongoing training of SES members meant the teams could easily be split into working groups to tackle the expected influx of calls for help.

"All of our equipment and stores are kept in a state of readiness for a typical storm event," he said.

Yesterday’s downpour of more than 30mm in the Toowoomba region in 90 minutes from 5.30pm resulted in a callout for a leaking roof as well as one resident already requesting sandbags.

"The public have been made aware of the severe storm, we recommend people take loose furniture away or secure it so it doesn’t cause damage," he said.

He said residents should have a battery-operated torch, radio and emergency kit ready to use.

"We have everything in place that we can with the resources and members that we have."

"SES primary response is flood and storm damage, which covers anything with overland water flow, fallen trees or the roof coming off.

"With heavy rain a lot of the calls we get could be fixed by the cleaning out the gutters to make sure rain doesn’t come in and damage the inside of the house as well as issues with overland water flow.

"People living in lower lying areas should look at getting sandbags."

Mr Hall said this weekend’s weather should not spark residents into panic-buying food but to be prepared.