URBAN FITNESS MOURA: Owners Cassy and Brice Ziebell and their son Emmett, 12 weeks.
URBAN FITNESS MOURA: Owners Cassy and Brice Ziebell and their son Emmett, 12 weeks. Contributed

Stretching into their new space

OWNER and personal trainer at Urban Fitness Moura, Cassy Ziebell, is preparing her new gym space - a fitness facility which will now have the luxury of a whole building for people to flex their muscles and get into shape.

Mrs Ziebell said she collected the keys for the new gym at 90 Dawson Highway and she was hoping to open the doors over the next fortnight.

"There is going to be new pieces of equipment and some other surprises on the way,” she said.

"Funnily enough the gym is returning to where it originally opened for its forever home.

"But this time, instead of one shopfront, we have the whole building.”

Mrs Ziebell, who runs the gym with her husband Brice, said they wanted more space and were excited to "own the premises so we can do all sorts of weird and wonderful things with it”.

"It's very exciting that we can do all the things we've been wanting to do and we're going to add extra classes as well.”

Mrs Ziebell said the range of classes would include step, boxing, circuit classes, resistance weight classes, 'stretch and flex', and a class called 'pound' which incorporated drumming.

The gym - which will be open to all ages - will also run a creche with its own staff member.

"Going to the gym is a bit of fun and it's a good way to socialise as well as stay healthy and be able to feel better about the skin that you're in,” she said.

"Exercise is important for all ages because you've got to be able to keep functional and healthy and keep your body moving, and it stops you from getting sick.”

Mrs Ziebell said she aimed to work with individuals to achieve their own goals.

An opening date will be announced via Urban Fitness Moura's Facebook page.