RIDING ON SUCCESS: Miss Rodeo Taroom 2017 Tammie Conroy.
RIDING ON SUCCESS: Miss Rodeo Taroom 2017 Tammie Conroy. Contributed.

Tammie takes out Miss Rodeo Australia crown

MISS Rodeo Taroom has taken out the horsemanship category of the Miss Rodeo Australia competition in Warwick.

Tammie Conroy said her journey to the Miss Rodeo Australia finals began in 2011 when she was named the Warwick Rodeo Queen.

"The Miss Rodeo Australia Quest at that time was just starting back up so there wasn't really anywhere for me to go on to from there,” she said.

"I really enjoyed my year as Warwick Rodeo Queen and I decided that after that that I would try to run for Miss Rodeo Australia again.

"So I approached a couple of committees about representing them. I was living in Cunnamulla at the time.

"I approached Taroom and they said they'd be interested, but they did have someone else interested.

"So I sent through a Rodeo Queen portfolio which is sort of like a resume... why I would be their best option as a Rodeo Queen and what I could do to help them, and they selected me.

"So then I had to go up for the rodeo and give them a hand, organise things and all that sort of stuff and I've been promoting them ever since.”

Miss Conroy said the judging for the Miss Australia competition included visiting aged care homes, giving speeches to introduce themselves and their chosen charity, a horsemanship challenge, an interview and a written exam.

"I've really enjoyed this experience,” she said.

"It's fantastic to meet girls from, or ladies from other places as well and it's just, it's a really good bunch of people to get involved in.

"If anybody thinks that they might be interested in doing something like this, if any women are out there... get in contact with the APRA and they can help... to find a rodeo to represent next year.”