Roches Beach, Lauderdale.
Roches Beach, Lauderdale.

Man dies from suspected stingray injury

UPDATED: A 42-year-old man who died at Lauderdale Beach this afternoon may have been stung by a stingray before going into cardiac arrest.

Tasmania Police said emergency services attended the south-eastern foreshore of Lauderdale Beach about 3pm today after reports of a swimmer being in cardiac arrest.

Attempts to resuscitate the man were unsuccessful.

Police said in the immediate period before his death the man had been swimming a short distance from the shore.

"He was removed from the water by friends prior to the arrival of emergency services," a statement said.

"It was reported he was unaccompanied in the water at the time of sustaining a puncture wound to his lower abdomen.

"Investigations in relation to the matter are continuing, but at this time the death is not considered suspicious.

"Initial indications are that the wound was possibly inflicted by a marine animal although the incident is not shark related."


EARLIER: A man has died after being stung by a stingray near Lauderdale.

Tasmania Police confirmed the man had died at Roches Beach this afternoon.

It is believed he was stung on the body while swimming.

Further details would be released this afternoon, police said.