CLEAN UP: Moura Tavern staff and volunteers clean up the bottle shop following a break-in on Tuesday morning.
CLEAN UP: Moura Tavern staff and volunteers clean up the bottle shop following a break-in on Tuesday morning.

Tavern cops a double blow with break-in and ban

SARAH Morris from the Moura Tavern said she was heartbroken when she saw the glass door of the bottle shop smashed on Tuesday morning.

It was another tough pill to swallow for her and her team who are already dealing with the forced closure of their licensed venue under the Prime Minister's Covid-19 ban.

"To cop that news Sunday and to essentially have to tell our staff their hours would be cut dramatically, if not non-existent, was tough," Mrs Morris said.

"To wake up the next morning to have to deal with the break-in was really tricky."

Mrs Morris and her husband were at the scene on Tuesday morning after being called by Dee and Les Nolan, closely followed by Moura Police.

A QPS spokesperson said the break and enter occurred about 5am Tuesday morning and a quantity of alcohol was stolen.

"We can confirm that a 13-year-old boy has been charged with break and enter, with investigations ongoing," the QPS spokesperson said.

"The same 13-year-old boy has been charged with unlawful use of a motor vehicle after stealing a Toyota Hilux in Banana that same morning."

The break-in serves as fuel to the fire for Mrs Morris and the Moura Tavern as they have to lay off staff in order to cutback to takeaway only service and survive however long the Covid-19 ban will be.

"Numbers aren't definite yet because we are still getting around this all but it will be a significant amount of staff," Mrs Morris said.

"There's nothing promised and we don't know how long it will last.

"There's a real possibility that we won't open again but our community is strong and supporting us.

"It depends on how long this all goes, supplies and bottle shops are open now but there's no guarantee that they will stay open."

The tavern's CCTV footage captured the break-in and Mrs Morris is confident it will further aid in the police investigation.

Mrs Morris said she lived in a strong Moura community and had already been inundated with support.

"The support from our community, whether it's coming to buy things or coming in to show their support and say 'stick with it we are still here for you'," Mrs Morris said.

"That encouragement keeps you motivated to keep moving.

"There's more of those good people than those horrible people breaking through our glass door thankfully."

Anyone with information should contact Moura Police on 4997 1923 or Policelink on 131 444.