SOLID LEAD: Terri Boyce won't claim victory just yet.
SOLID LEAD: Terri Boyce won't claim victory just yet. Contributed

Terri Boyce not ready to claim victory in by-election

TERRI Boyce is the likely winner of the by-election in Banana Shire Council's Division 6 - but she's not ready to claim victory just yet.

With ballots from 79.47% of the electoral roll counted as of Friday afternoon, Mrs Boyce had received 698 votes, an almost 12-point lead over rival candidate Bronwyn Christensen who had received 549.

"It sounds quite promising but they can't declare it until next Tuesday," Mrs Boyce told the Central Telegraph.

"I'll wait until they call me.

"A few people are saying congratulations but I've told them you can't congratulate me yet - we have to play by the rules."

Rival candidate Bronwyn Christensen was similarly reluctant to pull the pin on her campaign just yet.

"I think we're both just waiting for the call - it's not looking so encouraging at the moment but we're still hopeful," she said.

"I've had quite a few people ring up to wish us well and wish us luck. Everyone says stay optimistic and hang in there so that's what we're doing."

Whichever candidate comes out on top will be taking their seat at the Banana Shire council table as the council prepares the 2017-2018 budget.

Mrs Boyce, who has served as the president of the Taroom and District Development Association for the past four years, said if elected she would acclimate herself to the job before pushing her budget priorities.

"I'll have a lot of catching up with everybody, see what everyone thinks, and will have a lot of reading and analysing ahead of me," she said.