SHOW ME THE MONEY: Banana Shire Council is one of five councils in the Callide electorate.
SHOW ME THE MONEY: Banana Shire Council is one of five councils in the Callide electorate. Andrew Thorpe

What's on council's wish list?

IT DOESN'T demand too much, just projects and upgrades that could be described as well justified and necessary.

As the state election looms closer, the Banana Shire Council have put together a wish list (see factbox for full detail) of what they would like to see come of the election.

"Some of it is quite big dollars, some not,” Banana Shire Council Mayor Nev Ferrier said.

While there a number of items on the wishlist, Mayor Ferrier said there a few major projects to note.

"A big one is the bridges, they are the big ticket item,” he said.

"It will allow access for roadtrains to come to Teys Meatworks and it will have multiple effects.

"Keep our meatworks operating and keep the cattle coming in.

"The Theodore to Cracow bridges are also a safety issue being on the highway.”

In the community side of things, the local police station is in a rundown, old building at the monet.

"From a community perspective we would like to see a new police station for Biloela,” Mayor Ferrier said.

"The current one is a disgrace.”

A water park would also put the new MP high on the popularity scale.

"A lot of residents have been asking for a water park like Gladstone and Yeppoon have,” Mayor Ferrier said.

Over in Moura, a rail link is very much needed.

"To our understanding the Moura grain terminal is one of the largest in Queensland,” Mr Ferrier said.

"Graincrop are keen to put the rain into grain, it would be cost efficient the grain to the rail.

"And it would reduce the number of semi-trailers on the road.

The rail link itself won't take much work Mr Ferrier said. "It would involved four kilometres and one bridge,” he said.

The never-ending saga of the Nathan Dam has also been put back on the table.

The argument to build the Nathan Dam has been talked about since the 1920s and Mayor Ferrier said it is time to get a move on.

The proposed dam is to hold 888,312 megalitres with an annual yield of 66,011ML in a 149.9km trunk pipeline.

The proposed site for the dam wall is in on the Dawson River, about 36kilometres north-east of Taroom and the pipeline is to be through the Surat Basin to Warra.

According to 2012 values, it is estimated at a $1.2 billion investment.

"Nathan Dam has always been a big issue, for employment and infrastructre it would be great,” Mayor Ferrier said. "And we need water for the Banana Shire, we don't want to see it all go south.”

Banana Shire Council State Election Wishlist


Upgrade Taroom Sewerage

Replace Taroom Pool

Seal runway at Taroom Airport

Construct a water park for Biloela

Banana - Eco toilet at park

Trap Gully - next stage construction

New Police Station for Biloela

Continuation of W4Q Program

Improved Pest and Weed Management

Continuation of Building our Regions program


Beef Road - upgrade and bitumen

Addition funding for Shire road upgrades

Upgrade State Highways - Burnett, Dawson and Leichardt


Callide Creek, Burnett Highway

Dululu, Burnett Highway

Cracow - Theodore x 3 bridges

Single lane Council bridges shire wide


Nathan Dam


Rail link into Moura

Inland Rail project